APM Monaco Rings in the New Year with the ROCK Collection Launch

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While the most popular fashion trends of yesteryear used to be dictated by major magazines and industry bigwigs, the rise of social media has rewritten the rules of modern fashion fads as we know them. No longer is the color of the season or shoe of the moment decided by executives on the top floors of exclusive New York City skyscrapers; the power is now back in the public’s hand, as social media users across the world become inspired by their fellow peers’ personal style with just the tap of a screen.

This has become particularly pertinent for the world’s youngest consumer demographic, Gen Zers and Millennials, whose fashion purchases have become increasingly influenced by their favorite content creators on TikTok and Instagram. But perhaps even more impressively, the widespread adoption platforms such as these have armed the younger generations with the unabashed courage to express their style – no matter how quirky or eclectic – to the masses, creating a new era of consumers that are confident in both their own skin and their purchasing power.

Jewelry has certainly been no exception to the younger generations showing off their sartorial flair; in fact, according to a recent research study, younger adult Americans spent $900 on jewelry annually – $250 more than the average American household’s yearly jewelry budget. With the opportunity to elevate a once-boring outfit and make it markedly their own with just the right choice of accessories, it’s no surprise why jewelry is at the top of Gen Z and Millennials’ must-buy lists.

Leading the charge into this youth-dominated era of accessories is APM Monaco, one of the world’s most prominent fashion jewelry brands with more than 40 years of experience. From elegant sets like the celestial-inspired Meteorites collection and more whimsical pieces like the candy-inspired Yummy collection, APM Monaco’s range of high-quality jewels has something to offer to consumers of all ages and personal tastes.

But for the younger set of jewelry aficionados, APM Monaco started the new year with an exciting new collection of pieces sure to become a staple in the closet of social media lovers everywhere: the ROCK collection.

APM Monaco’s newly-launched ROCK collection expertly blends some of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes with an effortless edgy and avant-garde spin. Fans of APM Monaco’s signature Yummy Bear pieces will be charmed by the ROCK collection’s olive-green and white-silver twist on its classic crystal-studded Yummy Bears, known as Khaki Yummy and Snow Yummy. This sophisticated color palette pairs – which remains strong throughout the versatile collection – perfectly with rocker-chic gowns and shimmering sequins, and of course can add just the right dash of sparkle to more casual or lather-clad looks.

The ROCK collection also offers a variety of mega-cool chains ready for layering and easily adaptable to both men’s and women’s wardrobes, as shown off by the collection’s campaign stars Yuyu Zhangzou and Baptiste Giabcioni, making the pieces a perfect fit for the mix-and-match accessorizing favored by Gen Z and Millennials across TikTok and Instagram.

The shimmering collection launch comes as APM Monaco continues to build off of its forward momentum from 2022, which proved to be a banner year for the brand – from celebrating its 40th anniversary at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix to being featured on the ears of Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo during her husband’s World Cup win. Though 2023 has only just begun, it’s safe to say that the ROCK collection debut is certainly starting APM Monaco’s new year with a major edge.

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