Marketing Strategies for Scaling Fast from Expert Lukas Schirmer

To break into e-commerce and marketing, starting by identifying a niche or unique selling proposition, developing a comprehensive marketing plan, and building a solid online presence through social media and other digital channels may be helpful. It is also beneficial to seek out mentors or advisors who have experience in the industry and can provide guidance and support.

Lukas Schirmer is an entrepreneur and investor with a strong background in e-commerce and marketing. What sets him apart is his unique combination of analytical and creative skills. With a degree in theoretical mathematics and a history of top performance in his class at a leading German university, Schirmer brings a strong analytical mind to his work. In parallel, he has also built a successful career as a professional photographer and founded his own agency. He has been in the digital marketing world since 2012 and was an early adopter of platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Schirmer is dedicated to voluntary work and has a strong sense of Christian values. Over the years, he has worked with children and refugees, organized community festivals and fundraisers, and served as a football coach and board member of a voluntary organization for refugees. Schirmer’s unique blend of analytical and creative skills, dedication to community service, and strong work ethic make him stand out in the business world.

Schirmer is the founder and CEO of e-commerce agency Twist & Schirm, which has a yearly 8-figure advertising budget under management and has generated many eight figures more in revenue for its e-commerce clients. Schirmer has worked with hundreds of clients, including large S&P Global 1200 companies, and has a team of experienced media buyers, including ex-Google Ads and Meta Ads employees. Twist & Schirm is a top agency for e-commerce companies looking to advertise in the German-speaking market and has received awards for its performance and client satisfaction.

In addition to his work at Twist & Schirm, Schirmer is also an angel investor with a portfolio focused on marketing, e-commerce, and quick commerce companies. One of the biggest challenges Schirmer has faced in his career is the negative perception of agencies due to inexperienced individuals entering the industry and providing subpar services. To overcome this, Schirmer has focused on building trust and highlighting his team’s experience, as well as narrowing down their focus to only e-commerce and paid advertising.

Schirmer believes that building a team is everything in business. He thinks it is essential for team members to work together and support one another, as the success of the collective will ultimately lift everyone. Schirmer also strongly emphasizes the importance of health on a personal and professional level. He believes that taking care of oneself through exercise, meditation, and proper sleep can improve focus and decision-making skills and help mitigate the impact of stressful events.

In marketing and sales, Schirmer understands the temptation to be swayed by the latest trends and shiny objects that promise to solve every problem. However, he believes it is essential to find what works for your industry and product and focus on that. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and Schirmer believes it is vital to experiment and see what works best for your business. But never stop experimenting in the faster than ever changing marketing world. Finally, Schirmer believes that growing fast can improve systems and increase motivation within the team. However, he also recognizes the importance of managing incentives and motivation to keep team members engaged. He believes communication and transparency are crucial to building a solid and successful team. Follow him on Instagram to be part of his large online community.

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