Friday, June 21, 2024

Atlanta’s Own SOAK & POLISH Nail Salon treats every customer like an A-List Celebrity

“Soak and Polish” has carved out its lane and curated a signature celebrity-styled approach to Manicures/Pedicures in the city affectionately coined “Black Hollywood.” 

The focus has been on providing the customer with an elevated in-salon experience that supersedes the average “In & Out” experience we’ve grown accustomed to in the business. 

The Motto is “Here; Everyone is a celebrity client! 

With that in mind, The nail techs take the time to pay attention to the details that matter most while providing top-of-the-line customer service and friendly conversation to give that personal touch. 

Successful Black Business Owners are not a new thing in the Great City of Atlanta, Georgia; however, The Beauty Industry abroad could benefit from more representation in the ownership space; Socialites & Serial Entrepreneurs Diana Moore and Jeffrey Vallier are making it happen with their latest dynamo due styles endeavor “Soak and Polish!” 

Soak and Polish Publicist Chadd Black states: 

“We anticipate continued success as my clients Diana and Jeffery continue to serve the community with their expression of Ownership in Beauty should look like!” 

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