“Broken” paves the way for an amazing music career for KT Lordahl

“Broken,” KT Lordahl’s most recent single, has given the industry another banger of a smash. Katelyn, sometimes known as KT, is a business upstart. Her music has completely shaken the scene. Everyone is now looking forward to seeing what KT has to offer the company in the future.

“Broken” offers soothing and beautiful songs that will most likely lift your spirits. The music assists you in getting into a rhythm. Music gets everyone in the mood to dance, regardless of the occasion or location. The song has catapulted KT’s musical career to previously unimaginable heights. In the next days, we expect and anticipate beautiful melodies from her.

KT became well-known as a consequence of her Tiktok dancing videos. In February of 2020, she began her internet profession. She currently has a sizable fan base on Tiktok, where she has over 200,000 followers. After getting known on Tiktok, she established a successful modeling career. Currently, she is exploring with music composition. Her dance talents came in handy here since her sense of rhythm helped her create more powerful songs.

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Listen to “Broken” here:

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