Caleb Kaminski is In Route To Closing A Massive Deal With International Entertainment Group

Caleb Kaminski is an American singer, songwriter, and producer all rolled into one, making him a Swiss-army-knife of the music world. As Caleb has been progressing in his career, new opportunities are arising for the young artist to stake his claim in the music industry. Recently Caleb has been in talks with International Entertainment Group (IEG), a private Entertainment company that finances entertainers, models, concerts, and recording artists, and is working on a deal with the highly touted company. The details regarding the inquiry consist of a $15 million dollar deal where Caleb would be a majority stockholder in the company, with an opportunity to buy out the private owners when the five years is over. Through the completion of this deal, Caleb would receive full control over his master’s and production world that he has put together for other major entertainment companies, and reignite the flame for him to push more of his own music including the long-delayed “PapaDon” project.

With the deal still in the works, everything needs to be sorted out before anything can be 100% confirmed. Be on the lookout for the end result as more details are on the way as they work to reach closure.

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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner is a journalist and public relations specialist.

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