19-Year-Old Entrepreneur Taijaun Reshard is Teaching People How to Make Money Online

With an upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia is online entrepreneur Taijaun who is using his skills to educate others on how to make money in the digital age. Founder of his own web design studio “Solutified,” where the mission is to help websites convert higher by building a beautiful website experience, Taijaun is extremely passionate about the work that he does and wouldn’t want it any other way. It has been a long and educational journey thus far and Taijaun is ready to continue to scale his business to astronomical heights.

“I realized I genuinely had more of a passion for creating websites as opposed to running an e-commerce business. From there I started freelancing and taking on personal clients (Taijaun.com). Since then, I’ve made well over $50k as a web designer, and just this year – I finally decided to start my web design studio Solutified,” says Taijaun.

Not only does Taijaun own his own web design studio, but he is also a teacher to over 1,500 students that he has in an online money-making course. In the course, he teaches his students how to go from $0-$10,000 creating simple Shopify stores, as well as provides them with more knowledge on his YouTube channel. The idea is to inspire entrepreneurs or anyone willing to learn that they can make a lot of money in the online space. Too many people are tied to jobs they don’t like, wasting their time for little return and no monetary gain and Taijaun wants to break that cycle.

Educating individuals on the importance of financial literacy, creating simple Shopify stores, as well as owning his own web design studio, Taijaun is doing something incredible. He has built it from the ground up and has shown what is possible if you invest in yourself and go against the status quo. Tap in with Taijaun if you’re looking to become more educated in the world of online money making, you are sure to not be disappointed.

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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner is a journalist and public relations specialist.

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