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California’s Trailblazing Event Planners: Expanding Horizons with What You Want Productions

In the vibrant world of event planning, every detail matters. It’s an intricate dance of ideas, logistics, and execution where success hinges on the capacity to envision an experience and bring it to life. From intimate gatherings to grand-scale corporate events, every occasion presents its unique blend of opportunities and challenges.

At the core of the industry are its dedicated professionals, businesses, and individuals who spend countless hours perfecting every element to create an unforgettable experience. They navigate client expectations, budget constraints, last-minute changes, and, recently, the profound shifts brought on by the COVID pandemic. These individuals don’t just plan events; they create memories, build relationships, and set trends for the industry.

Set in the heart of the bustling event planning scene in the Golden State, What You Want Productions is a company dedicated to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences that have captivated and inspired many Californians. Behind What You Want Productions is a diverse team of talented professionals led by sister and brother Kym Wollner and Brandon Wollner.

“The event planning industry is incredibly dynamic, and something that we’ve learned over time is that the key to success in the industry is remaining flexible and being ready to pivot at any moment to meet not just customer demand but also the ever-evolving trends,” Kym explains.

What You Want Productions was founded in 2007, when they started with audio equipment for events. Later, they transitioned into video production due to higher demand and profitability. Although business was initially slow, the company’s team worked hard to create a well-rounded offer that would suit the needs and desires of their versatile clients.

From LED wall rentals and video projections to permanent installations, the What You Want Productions company can deliver timely and extraordinary results regardless of what a particular customer might need. From the very start, the company’s team has shown the ability to adapt quickly and even accommodate last-minute requests within 24 hours when necessary.

The company’s impressive portfolio doesn’t feature only ordinary individuals, but they have also collaborated with entertainment industry giants such as Hulu, Disney, and Paramount Studios.

What sets the company apart from its competitors, in particular, is its meticulous approach and attention to detail. The team guides their clients through every aspect of the event planning process, ensuring that every detail aligns with their vision while remaining within budget. “We make sure that if the client has an idea that isn’t feasible, we advise them how their idea can be adjusted.”

While many companies, in and out of California, struggled to make it through the recent pandemic, What You Want Productions leveraged their technology to keep their services relevant by adding virtual and hybrid events to their offer.

“We started live streaming during the pandemic. We used our LED wall in a warehouse as a background for virtual events. Honestly, the virtual events were manageable, but hybrids were challenging since they required a virtual co-host, and we had to ensure perfect audio,” Kym explains.

Apart from their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, What You Want Productions stands out with their stance toward their team members. The company is defined by its respect and concern for its crew. They ensure their team is always taken care of and comfortable, understanding that their well-being impacts the success of their events.

“Treating the crew well is a matter of basic humanity.  They are the ones who make the event possible by setting up the equipment and ensuring everything runs smoothly. It’s important to show them respect and provide for their basic needs,” Kym emphasizes.

As the business has taken off for the company, the What You Want Productions team has set its eyes on the future. While they primarily operate in Los Angeles and Greater California, their plan is to expand their reach just a bit further. “We are considering expanding into Texas, but our current aim is to solidify our market here, streamline our operations to avoid daily issues, and then consider wider expansion,” Brandon says. “Whatever the future has in store for us, however, we’ll be ready for it.”

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