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Henry Gavilanez explains how to establish an online presence with niche marketing

Henry S. Gavilanez is a digital marketer with extensive knowledge in event promotion and increasing turnouts to corporate events. He most notably helped plan and promote Sirona’s Cerec 25th event, driving dentists and doctors to attend, and eventually went on to have a brief stint in B2C sales.

Now sharing his marketing knowledge with the world, Gavilanez has been featured in digital publications worldwide for his insights into marketing and sales, and he hopes to educate a new generation of marketers through the free resources on his website and through his interviews, writing and more.

Gavlianez believes in building trust and awareness with audiences to nurture them through the sales funnel and make their experience positive and memorable. That’s why he believes it’s important to have a strong online presence that appeals to your specific audience.

Henry Gavilanez has criteria for how to do this, and it isn’t as simple as publishing anything and everything about your personal brand or business.

“You need to be personable, likable, and speak to the unique pain points or interests of your customers.”

Gavilanez says anybody who wants to build an online presence for their personal brand or business needs to nich down and focus on the few items of importance that matter to their target audience.

“Too many marketers focus on fancy graphics and publishing flashy images with quotes, or posting for the sake of posting and being in the market,” says Gavilanez.

“This is wrong.”

Gavilanez says people and corporations need to give their audience credit.

“They’re smart and they can see through fluff of content that’s not valuable to them. That’s why every piece of content you create needs to have a purpose. Each item you publish should be able to help at least one person.”

“You can go on to achieve this by niching down and serving a particular audience.”

Gavilanez says audiences are constantly giving feedback, so you’ll come to know about the content that helps them the most. That’s when you can triple down and create more look-alike pieces of content that continue to help that unique audience segment.

“Before you know it, you’re not only helping people, but you’ve established an online presence.”

“The fundamental takeaway here is that it’s not about you. It’s about them – your audience.”

“Don’t build an online presence for your personal brand or business by focusing on yourself.You’ll lose watch time, retention and revenue. You’re just minimizing your return of investment.”

Gavilanez says once you focus on helping people at scale, with content at scale, you’ll establish a brand that’s seen as a major market player or at least a thought leader in your industry.

To learn more about niching down and establishing your own personal or business brand, you can visit the official website of Henry Gavilanez, where he plans to release books and courses on digital marketing and establishing a profitable brand in any industry.

He also shares tips about event promotion, how to find your relevant audience and demographic and how to drive ticket sales.

Gavilanez says he’s passionate about sales and marketing and plans to pursue a career continuing to educate people and provide customers with valuable experiences.

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