Charr’s Journey In Music and New Debut

Born in Portland but raised in Miami, an up-and-coming female artist goes by the stage name Charr. Growing up in a diverse cultured household, the artist found herself listening to all sorts of genres as a kid, and music quickly became a passion for Charr.

Picking up choir and performing in talent shows and at family events, Charr quickly realized she had a talent for performing, accompanying her music prowess. But the creative didn’t officially start writing and recording music until 2020, when the pandemic hit.

Two years later, a lot of work has been put in to develop her career and her genre-blending sound. Finally ready to show off her talent to the world, she recently announced her debut single, “My Way.” Although a release date is not official, it’s said to be out any day.

Keep up with any new information on the release and her music career by following her IG @iam.charr.

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