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China-Based Ecocampor Offering Exceptional Traveling Vehicles

The RV manufacturing business has come a long way over the years and has witnessed some of the most exceptional evolutions of all time. Initially, RVs were made of wood and canvas, but today they are constructed with modern materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, which are much more durable and reliable. Additionally, RV manufacturers have incorporated the latest technologies into their products to improve safety, fuel efficiency, and amenities. For instance, many RVs now come equipped with navigation systems, entertainment systems, climate control systems, solar power, LED lighting, and other green technologies. Furthermore, many RV manufacturers now offer custom-built RVs, rental options, and financing options to make the dream of owning an RV more accessible and affordable. All these advancements and innovations have made the RV industry an exciting and ever-evolving one, offering an array of products and services to meet the needs of every kind of RV enthusiast. Witnessing these great evolutions in the manufacturing process of RVs, a company named Ecocampor was founded.

Ecocampor is a direct manufacturer of camper trailers, caravans, aluminum boats, camping accessories, and other camping-related products with customer service. The company has specialized in camper trailers and caravans for about 8 years and is located in Foshan, Guangdong province, China. With over 600 employees and two workshops covering an area of 80000 square meters, the company currently generates a yearly revenue of 1 billion RMB and has many well-known clients both at home and abroad. The company claims that its clients motivate them to not only improve their working efficiency, but also enable it to offer high-end quality products, with a wide range of advanced equipment such as Trumpf laser cutting machine, OTC welding robot, AMASA CNC turret punch and bending machine, and high-quality technicians. The driving motivation behind the working mechanism of Ecocampor is its clients, for which the company tirelessly invents high-quality products.

Raymond Wu, the founder of Ecocampor, was born in 1965 in Huang Shi City, a small town in Hubei. He grew up in a poor village and studied hard in a wooden house. However, the people in the village were all very friendly; every night, all the villagers would gather for dinner in the village square. This outdoor activity accompanied Raymond throughout his happy childhood, which later inspired his first outdoor RV.

Raymond built a factory, specializing in metal fabrication, after working to support himself through college and graduating from Hubei University of Economics in 1989. He and his family went camping on a regular basis, but his children never liked sleeping on the ground in a tent. “Why can’t I make an RV in my factory?” Raymond wondered. Determined to solve this problem, he finally created an RV team and successfully designed and developed the first RV in 2008. When he posted about it on the internet, it piqued the interest of so many other customers that Raymond concluded that it was “a pretty good business to get into.”

The sole mission of Ecocampor is to make nature explorers’ camping experiences better, easier, and more enjoyable. So far, the company has been quite successful in this mission and has served many travelers, but this isn’t stopping their camper manufacturers from making even more improvements to their campers and caravans.

Furthermore, the company has a mature and stable team that is led by highly experienced technicians who have been with the company for nearly 30 years. Ecocampor’s team of Professional R&D Engineers design and research new products, and their excellent quality control personnel thoroughly inspects products at each processing flow. As a result, customers who are dissatisfied with the products manufactured by other Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian suppliers frequently transfer their projects to Ecocampor and receive the top-notch quality they expect. The company’s customers are primarily from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, and Canada. Quality and credibility have always been the company’s primary goals, and customers receive exceptional attention to detail and consistent communication. They provide OEM/OED service, and customer service, and have a professional team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In recent years, sales of Ecocampor’s caravans and trailers have maintained a high rate of growth in foreign markets; they intend to seize the opportunity and accelerate their growth. Ecocampor has exported to Australia, the United States, Germany, South Korea, and many other countries, earning international recognition and praise.

Ecocampor has always adhered to the quality system construction, setting up a complete vehicle quality control system and detection means, and the company has always taken practical action as the interpretation of “Innovation is the soul of the company. Ecocampor has declared more than 50 patents in 2021, owing to its independent innovation, constant pursuit of perfection, and desire to be the leader.” In the future, Ecocampor will maintain precise technology, an innovative spirit, and a professional attitude while remaining on the cutting edge of production technology.

The company is proud to have dependable and responsible employees who contribute to a pleasant working environment. This ensures that it only pursues products of high quality and credibility. Ecocampor is also qualified to create custom designs thanks to its R&D department. The quality control department of the company is separated from the production department, which only prioritizes providing top-notch quality. The Ecocampor team is striving hard to work every day to figure out how to add more facilities in less space for end-users. Without a doubt, the feedback of dealers and users is assisting them to accomplish their mission.

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