Claud Releases First Major Project “Super Monster”

Claud Releases Their Debut Album “Super Monster” on Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records

In October of 2020, a month sandwiched in between the release of her sophomore album, Punisher, in June and the announcement of her four Grammy nominations for said album in November, Phoebe Bridgers announced the founding and formation of her own record label, Saddest Factory Records. An imprint of Dead Oceans, the label to which Bridgers herself is signed, Saddest Factory went on to announce the label’s first signing soon after its founding. That artist would be Brooklyn singer-songwriter Claud Mintz, whose stage name is simply, Claud. Now, 5 months removed from their signing, the band has released their debut album, Super Monster.

Highlighted by the singles “Gold” and “Soft Spot”, Super Monster is an album that Claud hopes reminds people across the globe that they are seen and loved. The band has made it a point within their music to advocate for those who are underrepresented in music and art today. As a non-binary artist, they have become a trailblazer for a younger generation. In an interview with Apple Music, Claud shared, “The only reason I want to put [music] out is because there’s so little representation of queer and trans and nonbinary people falling in love and having well-rounded lives that don’t just revolve around the hardships of being queer.” 

In an album full of shining moments, Super Monster’s brightest spot comes in the form of its closing track, “Falling With the Rain”. Featuring the other members of Shelly, the band Claud formed alongside Clairo, Josh Mehling, and Frances Getzug, the band reminisces on moments that have made them low. The upside to all the low points, though, are the things we are able to hold onto that help us to bounce back, which is exactly what Claud makes sure to point out in “Falling With the Rain”.  Find links to stream and order physical copies of Super Monster here. Watch the music video for “Gold” by Claud below.

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