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Debut single ‘Dances You Absorbed’ by Marginalia Reveals a Stunning Musical Odyssey

With a compelling new sound, Marginalia is about to make a big splash in the world of melody right here in Los Angeles. The release of their first single, “Dances You Absorbed,” on January 5th, 2024, is anticipated to be a unique musical experience. With Veronica Baron, Brett Cairns, and Matt Legge as its powerful trio, Marginalia is poised to create a kaleidoscope of feelings by uniting listeners with a unique blend of electropop, house, avant-garde, and ambient elements.

With a lot of knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm, Brett and Matt, whose musical skill was shown in the critically acclaimed group Oneo Fakind, lead Marginalia. Every note of “Dances You Absorbed,” a tune that beckons with an enticing melody and an uplifting house beat, demonstrates their dedication to the craft of music.

This first single acts as a kind of musical biography, telling the story of the many stages of life, reflecting the geographic differences between the members of Marginalia in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, but also honoring the bonds that unite them. A wide range of listeners may relate to the songs of “Dances You Absorbed,” which explore themes of love, acceptance, regret, self-discovery, and nostalgia.

“The song invites the listener to go on an unforgettable adventure with newly made friends with its quirky whistle, which sounds like a well-known ringtone. Looking back on their first hit, the band said, “Its upbeat house beat and infectious chorus keep the positive vibes flowing all night long.”

Marginalia is a virtual platform for connecting people, not only a music endeavor. The band welcomes a variety of viewpoints and ideas into its fold, even if they live in various places, and take an open and friendly approach to their creative journey.

Check out the Pre-release for those who can’t wait to hear “Dances You Absorbed.” Marginalia invites music lovers to go on this incredible journey, a celebration of many genres and a rainbow of emotions, as the much-awaited January 5, 2024, premiere draws near.

A call to explore music that has no bounds, Marginalia’s debut is more than simply a single release. ‘Dances You Absorbed’ is only the start of what looks to be an exciting journey for Veronica Baron, Brett Cairns, and Matt Legge, who are set to make a lasting impression on the music industry.

Check out Marginalia’s Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and official website to learn more about the band and their first song, “Dances You Absorbed.” Mark your calendars on January 5, 2024, and join Marginalia on her colorful and soul-stirring musical adventure.

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