Derik Fay: The Self-Made Entrepreneur Who Has Become Known For The “Golden Touch” With All Business Models That He Touches!

Derik Fay isn’t just a name anymore; it’s a brand that has ruled the US business markets over the past two decades. While being the owner and founder of 3F management, a venture capital, operational management and acquisition, company, Fay has also managed to build many of his own highly successful brands as well.

While building a large portfolio of owned and managed businesses in all industries 3F has continued to grow leaps and bounds since its inception two decades back. As of now, 3F owns in full or in part over 30 companies of various sizes.

Listing other key business establishments owned and operated by Derik Fay:

Around the Clock Fitness properties

Around the clock fitness is Florida’s largest and most successful independently owned health chain. As of now, ATC Fitness is a pioneer in the health and fitness industry by creating and implementing new and innovative manners to both make record-breaking net profits while simultaneously making large amounts of charitable contributions within the community.


SalonPlex is a high value low-cost approach to the booming Salon Suites business. By utilizing high value strategies from other industries SalonPlex has risen in the industry to a competitor in the emerging “entrepreneur” stylist trend across the country.

ATCF Investments

Derik Fay founded this private equity firm to fill the gaps in traditional PE platforms. Moreover, the firm is indulged in funding small to mid-range companies with a creative convertible equity option that can create massive new cash flow for both owners and firm.

Accident Experts

Derik Fay co-founded this medical referral company that utilizes a proprietary cross breed of social media and MLM structure. By doing so is able to outperform the efforts of firms spending 10s of millions in monthly marketing dollars at a mere fraction of the costs.

Integrated Care Centers

The main motive to launch this firm was to create a “one stop shop” where all of the needs of the patient are addressed without having to travel from department to another. Derik Fay believed that this way, the patient is able to relax and enjoy a more fruitful healing process.

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Since high profile deals have thrown Fay into the spotlight he is now looking to use his platform to spread his knowledge to all entrepreneurs and business owners that want to utilize his experience scaling companies.

It seems in this case despite the massive success, the best indeed, maybe still to come!

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