World Cup Professional Skier Twins Kiernan & Deven Fagan are a duo to watch for in 2023!

Identical Twins, World Cup Podiums & fitness phenoms are now a Viral Sensation! Deven and Kiernan Fagan cannot be denied!

Being twin brothers in the same sport at the most competitive World Cup level… How competitive are you two at home? Does the competitiveness translate in all aspects of your lives?

We are basically competitive in everything we do! That’s why we’ve progressed so quickly in everything we do because we push each other. We just want to outdo each other and ourselves in everything we do!

You guys are absolutely blowing up everywhere on social media! What are some goals you have or companies you are hoping to collaborate with in the future.

We would love to join teams such as Gymshark, Young LA, and Gorilla Mind to name a few. We want to sell our own fitness programs to help our followers progress quickly and achieve their fitness goals. We have a ton of huge goals for further down the line such as creating our own brand/line of apparel. We ultimately would like to be successful fitness influencers.

How do you stay motivated in difficult times? Is it easier having a twin brother to help you with your struggles?

Since we always want to outdo each other and beat each other’s PRs – we are always motivated!! We both have had to overcome multiple injuries due to our skiing. Deven has had 2 knee surgeries, and elbow & wrist surgeries as well. Kiernan has also had knee surgery and both of us have dislocated our shoulders multiple times. That is one of the big reasons that got us super motivated in fitness, we did not want to get shoulder surgery so we started strengthening all the muscles in that area to keep our shoulders in place.

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