DJ, Producer, and Business Expert Axel Beca Is Making His Mark

These days, many music artists are venturing into doing business where they use their influence to make a profit and provide a service. A perfect example is DJ and producer Axel Beca, making huge waves in the club music scene and gaining success with his restaurant business. Axel’s music career is on the rise, which is perfectly complemented by the expansion of the restaurants he’s affiliated with, namely Seaspice and Mynt.

A decade ago, Axel moved from France to Miami to clean tables for a living for different restaurants. He was happy with his job but never forgot about his dream of becoming a famous DJ someday. Axel started his venture into music as a DJ when he played a few nights at Soho House in Miami. This exposure was a solid start for his eventual career as he received more residency offers at other clubs in Miami.

Axel has traveled the world through his music by being a guest DJ for big clubs in different countries. He has been to Dubai, Mexico, Romania, France, and Puerto Rico, which boosted his popularity in the dance music and clubbing scene. However, Axel’s heart remained in Miami, so he immediately grabbed the offer he received to sign a contract with an exclusive restaurant.

Axel has shared the stage with huge music superstars like Skrillex, Bob Sinclar, J Balvin, Steve Angello, and Zedd. Likewise, he has played in the presence of famous Hollywood celebrities like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Travis Scott, and 50 Cent. Axel’s hard work in making music secretly for ten years has paid off after getting signed by Happy Music Records and Warner Music.

For more than six years, Axel has been working with Mynt Lounge, the most iconic club in Miami. He’s also a regular performer at Seaspice, considered Miami’s best and most visited party restaurant. Both venues are sold out, primarily because of Axel’s presence, and he’s thrilled to see people enjoying his music.

Like other music artists in town, Axel’s goal is to stand out in the sea of DJs surfacing in the industry. What he appreciates most about Mynt and Seaspice is that he’s being allowed to play the music he wants to share with people. Other restaurants or club owners dictate what their performers play, limiting the DJ’s ability to express themselves.

The freedom Axel gets with Mynt and Seaspice is the biggest reason why he stayed with these two companies despite many offers from other clubs. Staying this long at the same venue is rare for most DJs, but he considers his loyalty as his show of gratitude to these clubs. Axel gets to do other things with his current involvement, like producing music since gaining mainstream fame is one of his ultimate goals.

In the future, performing in more festivals worldwide is Axel’s plan so he can play his music everywhere. In addition, he hopes to collaborate with different artists to expand his horizons and challenge himself to try different genres. People can check out Axel’s pages on Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok to see the latest in his music.

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