Meet Multitalented Artist Alex Chen

Finding your passion is one thing, but following it through is another. When celebrated singer Alex Chen chose to explore his interest in music, he didn’t know what to expect. However, he knew the journey was not going to be easy. Four years down the line, he is making international headlines. He shares with us his incredible story.

According to the multitalented artist, while establishing his career hasn’t been easy and he has faced countless obstacles, every step has helped shape his career. Looking back, he admits that although he was frustrated and didn’t quite get why he was going through all that, by learning from his mistakes, he has been able to live his dream.

Born in Shanghai, China, Alex Chen developed an interest in music from a young age. He recalls listening to some legendary artists, including Tupac Shakur, whom he says has greatly inspired him in his music journey. His brother is also a huge fan of Hip-hop, and often they could hold rap battles which helped him perfect his skills.

As he grew older, his family relocated to Germany. The change was quite sudden for Alex, and he had a tough time settling in. He was in his teenage years, and the idea of starting over was not so appealing to him. Alex struggled to make friends, leading him to turn to music. He says music was like his second home: a place he could go to anytime.

Alex started taking music more seriously and even enrolled in piano classes. It was then that he got to learn and appreciate the true meaning of music, and he began composing his own songs. However, Alex’s dream was cut short when his dad was diagnosed with cancer and later passed away.

This had a massive toll on the whole family, both mentally and financially, and Alex had to drop out of his music classes. As a really instrumental person in Alex’s career,the death of his father greatly affected him and Alex did not see the need to continue singing, and without music, he slowly slipped into depression. 

He says his early twenties was a rough time in his life, and he was dealing with diffrent struggles, but he is grateful he found music again. After the long break, Alex continued his journey, releasing his first single four years ago. He has composed several tracks, including “Higher Dreams,” “You and Me,” “Slower,” and “Like That.”

Alex’s unique sound, impeccable vocals, and astounding creativity in his videos are some of the factors that have earned him a spot in the industry. His music is topping the charts. He says he does not confine to any genre in writing his music. His goal is to create music that the audience can relate to and tunes that perfectly tell the story. 

Alex also doubles as a producer and fashion designer. He has had the opportunity to work with rising artists in the hip-hop world, designing some of their clothes. The excellent fashion sense that he has incorporated in his music is setting him apart in the field. 

Life is full of challenges, and we are constantly battling different situations. As Alex Chen continues to thrive, he encourages us that despite the obstacles, we can still live our dreams.

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