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Dr. Gabbay Delivers the Most Effective Results Through His Innovative Procedural Techniques and Extensive Experience

Dr. Gabbay is a world-renowned plastic surgeon that operates out of Beverly Hills, CA. He has been recognized by many for his extraordinary work and continuous client satisfaction. After conducting thousands of plastic surgery procedures, and with over a decade of experience in this field, he retains the most effective techniques to deliver the most incredible results.

One of his most frequently conducted procedures is awake body contouring and fat transfer. Interestingly, neither of these procedures require anesthesia, which means a significant decrease in risk as well as effects of recovery. Additionally, these procedures foster collaboration between Dr. Gabbay and his patients. The communication that can occur during a procedure allows for improved results and an easier recovery process.

Dr. Gabbay further explains this advantageous approach: “I learned how to keep the procedure comfortable but as thorough and aggressive as anyone could do under general anesthesia. A point I make to the advantage of awake procedures is that because the patient is not under anesthesia, they become my best assistant – they can move and shift with me to allow me to get more fat out during liposuction.”

Another procedure that Dr. Gabbay has become very familiar with performing is Reunvion skin tightening. This non-invasive procedure lacks the scars that often result from skin tightening procedures. Although there are other products on the market that promise these results, Dr. Gabbay has found Reunvion to be the only truly non-invasive skin tightening technology.

Because Dr. Gabbay was one of the first surgeons to start using this technology, his techniques and approaches are significantly more advanced than other surgeons. “Renuvion has transformed my practice and allows me to offer a significant improvement in the results of my patients – without the need for skin excision,” he shares.

Buccal fat reduction, or custom cheek contouring, is a procedure that Dr. Gabbay has completed more than “probably anyone in Los Angeles,” according to him. Dr. Gabbay was initially attracted to this procedure because of how modifying this area of cheek can transform a person’s face in a subtle though compelling way.

Explaining how this procedure elicits change, Dr. Gabbay shares: “Much like people use makeup to create shadows and modify the cheek, I can do this surgically and permanently to achieve a more refined delicate result. This is all done under local anesthesia with an absolutely minimal recovery process.”

In addition to the numerous procedures mentioned above, Dr. Gabbay offers his patients several other treatments such as breast augmentations, liposculpting, and fillers. Known for his extensive experience and continued education in plastic surgery, he consistently garners client satisfaction and remarkable results.

To learn more about Dr. Gabbay and his specialized procedures, visit his website at or check out his Instagram @gabbayplasticsurgery

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