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Dr. Henry Cabrera – An Inspiring Vision Comes to Life at Lavender Waves Farm

Dr. Henry Cabrera’s vision for Lavender Waves Farm in South Kingston, Rhode Island, is nothing short of transformative. What began as a foresighted endeavor in 2017 with the planting of corn laid the foundation for a grand plan—to cultivate a sprawling lavender field. Now, the farm is thriving as a sanctuary enveloped in the gentle fragrances of lavender.

Lavender Waves Farm, located just two miles from the coast, is a welcome addition to New England’s historical attractions and culinary scene. While the region boasts many tourist sites, including serene beaches at Cape Cod and majestic mountains in Vermont, this 14-acre oasis has earned accolades from media outlets and descendants of the original farm’s owners. It offers a soothing and unforgettable experience for everyone who visits, and it’s almost unbelievable to think that the property was once an abandoned pig and cow farm.

The farm’s transformation began when Dr. Henry Cabrera, an anesthesiologist, wanted to create a sustainable space for visitors to experience the healing power of nature. In 2016, he began transforming the property formerly known as Gatewood Farm into a luxurious and rustic retreat. During the next four years, Dr. Henry Cabrera poured his efforts into preparing the farm for nature enthusiasts and those seeking mindfulness through nature.

After planting corn to prepare the land for a lavender field, Dr. Henry Cabrera planted over 4,000 lavender plants spanning 10 varieties, erected a central gazebo, and constructed a functional living area above a garage to support the farm’s operations. He also installed electricity, repaired the water system, and added stables, a Dutch door, and a dedicated poultry area. The farm opened to the public in 2020 for lavender cuttings, creating employment opportunities and fostering community involvement, including the Kingston Hill Garden Club volunteers.

The metamorphosis of Gatewood Farm into a lavender haven using sustainable farming practices symbolizes an agricultural renaissance. Today, the farm symbolizes revival and a testament to Dr. Cabrera’s unwavering commitment to creating a therapeutic and luxurious haven for visitors. Dr. Cabrera finds immense joy as he witnesses visitors relish the farm’s serenity and allure. The sanctuary he’s worked so hard to create sees many returning visitors.

But the successes of Lavender Waves Farm wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated team of workers keeping Dr. Cabrera’s vision alive. From animal care to lavender pruning, the staff at Lavender Waves Farm meticulously prepares and nurtures the property for an annual influx of 2,500 visitors. Dr. Cabrera and his team have an eye for luxury and rustic charm, evidenced by the farm’s innovative layout and attention to detail. The field design also makes the farm a sought-after venue for events and photoshoots, which Dr. Cabrera diligently accommodates.

The farm is frequented by nature enthusiasts and photographers. For guests seeking more than a mere stroll through lavender fields, Dr. Cabrera offers several refined experiences, including luxurious Lavender Picnics and a five-star Farm Suite AirBnB. The picnics feature food from local sandwich shops for a delicious and relaxing lunchtime experience. The Farm Suite AirBnB combines modern amenities with rustic elegance, featuring reclaimed wood, stone tiles, and custom-picked granite. Guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lavender fields from the suite. They can also elevate their experience by adding a lavender-themed meal prepared in the suite by a chef.

For repeat visitors and lavender enthusiasts, Dr. Cabrera has also created a variety of membership packages to provide continued access to the farm throughout each season. Membership packages are available in three tiers, offering benefits including dried lavender bundles, admission to cut-your-own-lavender events, and private farm access.

For those wishing to harvest lavender, peak bloom occurs from late June to August, with a smaller bloom extending through September. Since preserving the signature herb of Lavender Waves Farm is a high priority, a limited number of cut-your-own-lavender events are available for advance booking.

The farm also offers one-of-a-kind experiences with more than 60 animals. Dr. Cabrera nurtures many resident animals, especially Dolly Llama and Humphrey, a Bactrian camel. The animals can be rented for events, with camel rides planned for the future. They share the farm with chickens, ducks, peacocks, llamas, alpacas, and a Great Dane. With various events, plants, and animals to enjoy, Lavender Waves Farm is a hidden gem in the landscape of New England’s summer splendor. In a world where relaxation is a luxury, Dr. Henry Cabrera has crafted a slice of paradise where the natural world’s beauty harmonizes seamlessly with modern conveniences and amenities. If you’re visiting Rhode Island in the summer or early fall and looking for a serene escape from the ordinary, consider visiting Lavender Waves Farm.

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