Dropshipping and Wholesale Entrepreneur Andrew Giorgi On The Mindset Of Success

Andrew Giorgi is a prime example that it does not matter where you come from or what your past may be when it comes to building a successful career. After growing up in Hobart, Indiana, a small town where not many people live, he now runs a Walmart Automation Agency and a Amazon wholesale business. This comes after leaving a heavy equipment operator job, selling weed for a period, streaming on Twitch, making YouTube videos, and attempting videography and photography. Finally, Andrew came across the dropshipping industry and has since become an expert on the Amazon and Walmart platforms. He has gone on to make six figures in multiple months and now dropships full time on Walmart, has created a course and mentorship program around Walmart dropshipping, and utilizes his Amazon Seller account for wholesale. 

In a personal interview, Andrew talked about the mental process that led to his successes and what other entrepreneurs can focus on. He explains, “It entails a lot more mental work and fortitude than people think. You definitely need to have the correct mind state and mindset because without the correct mindset, you will not go very far at all. Also, discipline in certain areas and work ethic are an obvious, but very important components. Lastly, I would say your habits are what dictate not only how successful you are but how fast you get there. Habits are everything and discipline and work ethic can build amazing habits and foundations that allow you to excel further and faster than others.” 

Andrew also reveals, “I want my audience to know that building this business, and the empire I am working on, and continuously building day by day is not obtainable without the correct mindstate and mindset. I also want them to know that at the end of the day I am no different or more special than anyone. I just blocked out all distractions, kept my head down, was extremely focused (and still am), am always open to learning new processes or systems to become better at my craft, and became extremely obsessed with my goals.” This is good news for the young entrepreneur who feels they are lacking a special key to unlocked success. As Andrew demonstrates firsthand, it is most based on the vision and determination one holds through their journey. 

As he continues to build his businesses and train up others, Andrew holds firm that anything is possible when one’s mind, attention, and focus is on it. He hopes that his accomplishments will pave the ways for others to follow in his footsteps. For in the end, his greatest reward comes from helping others achieve what they strive for. Andrew concludes, “knowing I had a major role in changing someone’s life beats any amount of money I have made in one month.”

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