Charlieonnafriday Offers Up Single “Sunset Avenue”

They say the best music is written when you’re missing something, and “Sunset Avenue” is no different. The song’s artist, Charlieonnafriday says that he first wrote this song about his hometown of Seattle, Washington while far away on a recording trip in California. He had become extremely homesick and hopes that this song can help capture those emotions. The song feels incredibly real because it is real: Sunset Avenue is a real place in Seattle, and Charlie is quoted saying “You know I feel my best on Sunset Avenue.”

As a budding 18-year-old in the music industry, Charlieonnafriday brings the new-age style of hip hop and combines it with his inspirations growing up: Mike Stud, Post Malone, and Justin Bieber to name a few. Charlie hopes to transfer his constant good vibes to every listener, along with feeling the same experiences and emotions as he does create his music. And in “Sunset Avenue”, he has done exactly that.

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