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Embracing Adventure with Mona Hovaizi and Little Feet Big Journey

Traveling is often seen as a pre-child indulgence, a phase to be put on hold once the stork makes a delivery. But for Mona Hovaizi, the creative force behind “Little Feet Big Journey,” this couldn’t be further from the truth. Mona’s inspiring story of globetrotting with her young son challenges conventional wisdom, proving that adventure doesn’t have to stop with parenthood—it merely changes form.

The First Family Trip

Mona’s first trip with her 3-month-old son wasn’t free from anxiety. “Where would he nap? Would he nap? Would the time change wreak havoc on our eating and sleeping schedule? Would everyone on the plane hate us if he cries?” But with a mix of meticulous research, Mona found solutions to her worries. “We took the plunge and low and behold our baby began adjusting to the changes.” This initial leap of faith laid the groundwork for countless adventures to come.

22 Countries by 22 Months

Since that maiden voyage, Mona and her family have covered an impressive 22 countries in just 22 months. Imagine a toddler’s joy at experiencing Caribbean waves, discovering his own “sandbox” in the UAE desert, or exclaiming his first word—“WOW”—at the sight of dormant volcanoes in the Canary Islands. Each destination indeed added a new layer to their family story.

Mona’s Instagram, @littlefeetbigjourney, is a treasure trove of these experiences. Followers are treated to a visual feast—picturesque beaches, bustling markets, serene mountains, and historic landmarks. Her feed isn’t just about places, it’s about moments—like a child’s awe at natural wonders, family laughter in unexpected places, and the beauty of embracing the chaos of travel.

Birth of Little Feet Big Journey

The inception of “Little Feet Big Journey” was driven by Mona’s desire to rewrite the narrative around parenthood and travel. “Before having my son, I was told countless times that life as I knew it was over. Because of my love for travel, that was a tough pill to swallow. So, I made up my mind to challenge that idea and went abroad with my son anyway.” Her brand stands as a beacon for parents who refuse to let their passion for travel fade into the background.

Mona aims to inspire parents to embrace new chapters with their children, fostering a mindset that limitations are often self-imposed. Through her experiences, she demonstrates that family travel is not only possible but immensely rewarding.

Making Travel with a Baby Manageable

Mona’s Instagram and upcoming website are rich with practical advice for traveling parents. Her insights are born from real experiences, designed to ease the apprehensions of new traveling parents. From stress management, handling in-flight cries, and efficient packing, to scheduling naps and choosing special travel toys, both old and new parents will surely benefit from her content.

Travel, Career, and Social Media

Balancing a full-time career as a dentist, parenting, and managing a growing social media presence is no small feat. Mona acknowledges the complexity but emphasizes the power of a positive mindset. “As cliche as it sounds, I tell myself it’s going to be possible and somehow it always comes together,” she shares.

Her ability to travel extensively, even as a full-time dental student, underscores her point. Mona’s belief in the power of the mind resonates deeply—by convincing oneself that something is possible, one naturally finds solutions to achieve it.

What’s Next

The upcoming Little Feet Big Journey website promises to be a comprehensive resource for traveling parents. From efficient packing lists for babies and toddlers to tips for both local outings and international travel, the site aims to make family travel accessible and enjoyable. Visitors can expect in-depth guides, the best travel items, and innovative solutions to common challenges faced by parents on the go.

A Product with a Purpose

Mona hints at an exciting new product launch designed to tackle one of the biggest hurdles for traveling parents. While she keeps the details under wraps, it’s clear that this offering will align perfectly with her mission of making travel easier and more enjoyable for families.

Embrace the Journey

Mona Hovaizi’s story is a testament to the transformative power of travel, even—or especially—when shared with the youngest family members. Her brand, Little Feet Big Journey, is more than just a travel guide. It’s a movement encouraging parents to embrace the chaos, create beautiful memories, and believe in the possibilities.

It’s about embracing the chaos, making beautiful memories, and knowing that every adventure, even with a baby, is a story waiting to be told and a memory to keep forever.

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