EmzyG doesn’t fail to impress teaming up with Brandon O’Connell for release of WoooGang

About a week ago, California artist EmzyG took to Youtube with his newest release titled “WoooGang”. Directed by Brandon O’Connell, the video is a performance style video that transitions from multiple settings matching up with EmzyG’s lyrics. 

In the song, EmzyG talks about how he came up from the bottom to get where he’s at. In one phrase he says, “Had to walk in the rain to get here” which matches up to one of the backgrounds where it’s raining on EmzyG. This creative combination makes the video hit deeper than most due its video expression. 

Midway through the song EmzyG slows things down, waking up the listener saying, “listen closely to these next few words’ ‘. After this EmzyG arguably delivers his most impressive verse rapping fast with emotion. He goes into talking about the reason he does his music and why it matters so much to the rapper. This part seems to be relatable to many which is why EmzyG will most likely have continued success with his video. 

Check out “WoooGang” here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFi6_OOEGWg

Follow EmzyG on IG: www.instagram.com/i_am_emzyg

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