G. Finesse Shifts Into Album Mode On His Vibrant ‘Keep The Fame’ Single

G. Finesse is bending genres such as Hip Hop and Jazz like never before on his album-leading single “Keep The Fame.”

Equipped with a snappy, improvised live band accompaniment courtesy of a seasoned cast of musicians, G. Finesse’s latest offering is a true testament to his unique, years-in-the-making sonic timbre. The record showcases G. Finesse doing what he does best as he effortlessly weaves in and out of rhythmic pockets with poignant flows tackling the transition from life as a debt-free adolescent to a money-obsessed adult.

“We thought we knew what we wanted/A bunch of money and some fast cars/We want to count up the hundreds/Them blue faces and some bad broads/Damn my perception changed/I don’t really think the same/Yeah I’ll still take the paper dawg/But you n-ggas keep the fame,” G. Finesse raps.

In addition to production from Josh Fairman and guitar aficionado Jay.Greens, the record is powered by contributions from Pretty Lights Live Band, Break Science keyboardist Borahm Lee, Harry Styles’ trumpeter Parris Fleming, and Tauk drummer Isaac Teel.

The arrival of “Keep The Fame,” marks the dawn of a new chapter of G. Finesse’s career, following his own uncertainty of whether or not creating rap music would be his main focus in his future. After building a following with his band Black Eagle in his native city of Columbus, G. Finesse took a brief music hiatus before moving to Denver, Colorado three years ago.

Now, officially a part of Perception Record’s roster, the new community-oriented record label in the Denver metro area founded by Jay.Green, G. Finesse has tapped into yet another new frequency and is harnessing the energy while constructing the sonic DNA of new grooves embedded in his upcoming LP

Stream “Keep The Fame” below.

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