Explore the secrets of music with Anish Pradhan’s new single “Secrets”

Through his new music track “Secrets,” Anish Pradhan explores the beginnings of his musical career and shows us his beginnings. The song takes the audience on a roller coaster trip. The song has shattered the music charts in a very short period after its release. Anish’s ability is already being recognized by fans all around the world.

Anish, a New Yorker, understands what his fans require. He’s been exposed to the kind of music that NY residents love and appreciate, and he’s tailored his own music to fit those expectations. It appears all of his admirers are enjoying it.

“Secrets” delves into the origins of house music while retaining its unique sound. It pays homage to traditional house production techniques while still including Anish’s own spin. As a result, you get a piece of music that is catchy, pleasant, and makes you want to dance.

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