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From Music Tours to Film Festivals: Vela’s Design Impact Unveiled

Emerging in the creative world’s spotlight is Vela, a name now synonymous with cutting-edge design and breathtaking visual narratives. This young luminary, all of 23, is redefining the Los Angeles graphic design scene with her innovative approach and compelling visuals.

A modern-day polymath, Vela demonstrates her creative prowess across an array of industries including film, music, visual arts, and digital marketing. Her creations are not merely designs, but influential stories brought to life through an eclectic mix of passion and skill.

In the sphere of digital marketing, Vela’s creative contributions to Mula Media have been instrumental in crafting the brand’s image. She has designed social media assets that have not only amplified the company’s aesthetic appeal but also catalyzed their reach to an audience exceeding 3.5 million across diverse platforms. This rapidly growing firm, boasting over $100,000 in angel investments, testifies to Vela’s significant impact on their success story.

Within the music industry, Vela’s design contributions have added a new dimension to the global touring landscape. Renowned musicians like CloZee, Bob Moses, and Kyle Kinch have significantly benefited from her visually arresting tour assets, most notably for CloZee’s Microworlds tour. Her design work has been pivotal in attracting substantial media attention to over 50 shows worldwide.

The cinematic universe has equally witnessed Vela’s transformational power through her film poster designs. Her artwork for “The Foreigner’s New Adobe” was a key factor behind its recognition as the ‘Best Short’ at the Chinese American Film Festival (C.A.F.F.). Additionally, her design for “The Thirty Three Stories” played an integral role in the film’s journey to becoming a finalist at the WorldFest-Huston International Film Festival.

Vela’s collaborations have spanned industry giants such as Netflix and ARRI. Her design for the poster of ‘Pedacito De Carne,’ presented at the ‘Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color,’ was met with critical acclaim at the 2023 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF).

Outside of the digital world, Vela’s creative talent has graced physical galleries. Her solo exhibition ‘Show-Life Together’ showcased a series of animal artworks, while her contribution to the 2022 Visual Art Exhibition of Asian Artists in America highlighted her versatile creative expression.

As an active member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and a fellow of the distinguished Soho House, Vela brings an empathetic approach to design that sets her apart. With her distinctive style and an exceptional ability to shape visual narratives, Calipost anticipates a bright future for Vela as she continues to redefine the creative landscape.”




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