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Get to know the top-of-the-line full-service landscape company that operates out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Elite Landscape Solutions is an ever-so-expanding company that is revolutionizing the industry on quality, professionalism, and customized solutions for clients. Simple yet profound, the viable mode of the business has helped Elite Landscape Solutions become a strong, consistent cash flow-producing business that has allowed them to dive deeper into the customer experience.

Meet the man behind the operations. Jean-Didier Bertola aka JD Bertola is the owner and developer of the company. Growing up outside of Boston in a small town called Scituate, JD has dual citizenship in both the US and France. After high school, JD moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, where he brought his dreams to life and started his ever-growing business and brand. JD is a man of dedication and mindset. He believes that the outcomes of everything you do are a result of the mindset you have. He mentions, “If you have a mindset that builds off of past successes and treats the failures as valuable lessons, then you will continue to grow because you will inevitably become better and better at what you focus on.”

The business has grown and developed into something more significant than just Landscape Solutions. From hiring a full management team for the company, JD has taken the lessons he learned from building the business and marketing the brand to now serve in that space. The company is helping other business owners and brands use the proper marketing strategies and tools to expand their business. In addition, he used his experience of taking his business off the ground and saw it as an opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise in helping others.

The most significant aspect of JD’s business is the networking opportunities and the viable resources that this solutions company has in its arsenal to bring solutions to any struggling business or brand trying to get off the ground. JD wants his audience to know that resourcefulness and the proper fundamentals are inevitable for any successful business. It takes a particular expert to see the adjustments that need to be made and an appropriate plan of action that will impact the business’s development. This is exactly what the solutions company provides.

Anyone working with this solutions company is in great hands. Ever so expanding, this solutions company can help you build online and provide tools for brand growth, consultations, and opportunities for business owners to jump into new opportunities and ventures. In the next few years, this solutions company will have opportunities for real estate ventures, social media growth, and building the proper brand aesthetic and positioning necessary for any business.

The most rewarding part for JD, his solutions company, is the ability to help entrepreneurs and businesses make significant strides in their industry. Whether it is collaborations or consultations, this solutions company has the tools to help businesses in various ways. So be sure to check out this solutions company and their resources and tap into their socials to get in touch with someone and get more information!

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