Bionic Confirms Release of New Music, “Knight Rider,” Fast Approaching

Segun Ayodeji, professionally known as Bionic, is a musician, singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer from London, England. From a young age, Bionic would accompany his mom to church choir practice, thus developing his love for music. This persuaded him to try making his own beats and to try his hand at electronic production at 14 years old after discovering the possibilities using Logic Pro. 

In 2012, Bionic went to university to pursue a BSc in music technology and later a master’s in popular music (production). Although it was quite hectic, he managed to study while focusing on his music career and engineering. Bionic has worked with many artists in his career, and his journey could inspire the next generation of artists.

Bionic’s first full-length project, a single dubbed “Change,” was self-released in June 2018 and received an overwhelming reception with countless positive views. Erik Madrid, the genius behind musical gurus’ mixes such as Khalid’s “American Teen” and Demi Lovato’s “Sober,” mixed the single. It’s worth noting that “Change” garnered over 1.1 million streams in a few weeks on Spotify alone, and the independent musician shares that the single is among his most significant accomplishments. Bionic was also excited to have recently interacted with Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and Mr. Flower Fantastic at Alicia Keys’ world tour in Barcelona. He is grateful to Louis Vuitton for connecting him with big names.

Bionic stands out for his unique approach to music. “I combine my true self with elements from my inspirations. Being a bold letter in a sea full of lower cases—that’s what Kanye showed and continues to show us. That’s what makes me stand out—the music, the fashion, and the craftsmanship,” he affirmed. The musician’s fashion sense in music is top tier. “I tend to relate aspects of my music similar to the craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton in the attention to detail I call it ear candy. Attending various Louis Vuitton events and also diving deeper into their history and dressing in their garments sometimes sparks that creativity in me, Love to the Louis Vuitton family, Long live Virgil,” @bionic added.

Bionic experienced a major challenge in April 2020 amidst the global lockdowns—he lost his dad. He conquered the challenge through music and expressed his true feelings by creating tracks during difficult moments. Bionic shares that music provided him an additional outlet to pour out his feelings, unlike before when he could suppress them.

Bionic is set to release a new single, “Knight Rider,” in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to see his fans’ reaction to the track. The artist also hinted that he would keep making music and work with the best in the game. He hopes to make a significant impact and change people’s lives through his music. “I’m also a big fan of creating film scores—Hans Zimmer is a G! I’d love to do some stuff for Disney one day. From a fashion and musical standpoint, I love bringing that musical craftsmanship to Louis Vuitton and influencing within the brand—RIP Virgil,” adds Bionic. Ultimately, Bionic looks forward to making an impact by making beats and being an artist like his influences, Pharrell Williams and Kanye west. “Their impact is revolutionary, evolving music as a whole—it’s more than just music alone. One significant thing I have learned from them is being different and sticking to your true self,” Bionic concludes.

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