Hannah Brooke Is Changing Lives And Creating Change In The Music Industry

Hannah Brooke from the USA and was born on September 11, 1998. She is a growing artist, model, and dancer. This champion began working on her career very early in life when she was young. Music has taken the highest percentage of her life, and that is how she likes it and makes it. 

Hannah is a good role model with a desirable image for the musicians already in the industry and startups. The tactics approached by this viral musician in changing lives and creating change in the music industry are; leading by example, patience, positivity, passion, and goal-setting.

Leading By Example

With no fear of contradiction, Hannah is a good role model who can guide startups towards achieving their goals in music. Her musical journey displays many beneficial lessons. This champion’s journey has been an incredible adventure. She began building her career singing on reality TV shows such as X-Factors at the age of 14. That is remarkably a young age. 


Hannah has always remained calm and patient for her rise in the musical industry. She did not rush the process, even though she built her foundation a long time ago. Instead, this musician has remained patient, perfecting and polishing her musical career. The fruit of her patience is the tremendous rise she has experienced in the industry. Her first release, ‘Pull Up,’ which is coming soon, is the long-awaited hit she has been patiently working on and making it phenomenal. It is expected to rock the whole music industry, and indeed it will.


Positivity is very crucial when it comes to music. One has to overlook failures and focus on what matters. According to Hannah, no struggles should be experienced by anyone trying to make it in music. It may seem ironic, and yes, it is, but one positive thing about this musician is that the struggles that come her way are to teach her lessons and help her grow. They are not there to be identified and complained about, but they help one learn and improve.


Hannah has an incredible passion for music. She loves being able to apply the talents she has to express her stories and emotions in music. Music is in her veins, and nothing can separate her from it. This musician also creates pieces that follow the genre she listens to mostly. Her passion is changing lives and creating change in the music industry doubtlessly.


Hannah has set goals that are realistic and achievable. Her central goal in the industry is to satisfy her fans with sweet music. That is where her attention is found. This musician is not driven by money or fame. She knows her goal and focuses on it. Funny enough, her focus on the goals she has consequently brought her fame and money. Therefore, she has continued to change lives and create a change in the industry.

To conclude, it is clear that a change has been experienced through this viral artist. Hannah’s tactics are; being a role model for other musicians, patience, positivity, passion, and goal setting. 

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