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Hans and Gret: A Multi-Genre Musical Duo with a Unique History

Hans and Gret, a multi-genre musical duo, have been feeding sweet tunes to music enthusiasts around the world. Based in Fairfax, Virginia, both artists have impressive backgrounds that contribute to their unique sound and the success of their business, Fairfax Conservatory of Music. In this article, we’ll explore their experiences, inspiration, and their latest song release, “Demisemihemidemisemiquaver (ft. Tada Maico).”

Meet Hans and Gret

Hans, an internationally touring American singer, voice actor, and author, is also a voting member of the Recording Academy for the Grammys. He served six years in the Air Force and worked five years for Collins Aerospace as a Meteorologist and Senior Flight Dispatcher, earning the Air Force Achievement Medal and even playing a vital role in the emergency landing of Post Malone’s aircraft in 2018. In addition to these accomplishments, Hans has collaborated with numerous bands, such as I Am Abomination, Jamie’s Elsewhere, The Color Morale, Dropout Kings, SycAmour, Of Mice & Men, Dayshell, Darkness Divided, and Dayseeker, his music has appeared on over 177 global television networks, many live performances on radio stations under the Pacifica Foundation umbrella, and has toured with acts from bands such as Alien Ant Farm, Flyleaf, Bobaflex, Seasons After, Parabelle, Trapt, and others.

Gret, on the other hand, is an accomplished pianist with a teaching lineage that can be traced directly back to Beethoven. She graduated high school and was accepted at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama at age 15, before completing her Master’s in piano performance from the London College of Music by age 21. She has been recognized for her innovative piano teaching methods, making a name for herself in the Washington D.C. area. Gret has also completed professional studies on Music and the Brain through Berklee College of Music and holds certificates in audio engineering and electronic music production.

The Inspiration: Fairfax Conservatory of Music

Together, Hans and Gret own a private music school called Fairfax Conservatory of Music, offering music lessons for piano, vocals, violin, viola, guitar, and audio engineering, and catering to a range of skill levels and age groups. By providing exclusive opportunities through various programs and workshops, they have established their business as one of Metro-DC and Northern Virginia’s top music centers.

Their passion for music and commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists have resulted in an internationally performing faculty that are additionally Grammy-Winning and Carnegie Hall experienced. All students have the opportunity to learn on one of their five grand pianos, including a Concert Grand Steinway.

New Music: Demisemihemidemisemiquaver (ft. Tada Maico)

Always exploring new musical ventures, Hans and Gret have released a new song, “Demisemihemidemisemiquaver (ft. Tada Maico).” This unique blend of musical styles showcases the duo’s natural talent and diverse backgrounds in the music industry. Okinawan and Japanese artist Maico displays her impressive sound with soothing harmonies.  Their diverse influences and experiences come together to create a captivating sound that will resonate with any music listeners aged 13-50. 

Connect with Hans and Gret

Stay up-to-date with Hans and Gret’s latest releases and events by following them on Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, or YouTube. Visit their official website for more information about the duo and the Fairfax Conservatory of Music site for learning opportunities.

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