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Success comes with failure, and most of the successful people in the world can attest to this revelation. Nothing comes easy, and no road lacks ups and downs. Positively, every failure is a lesson, and every class positively impacts growth in a person or an organization. Logically, the difference between a successful person and an unaccomplished person is their mindset. Approaching challenges with a winning mentality defines a successful person. Therefore, no matter what life throws at you, never give up. Giving up means you lack the courage to do something because failing is never a bad thing but a sign that you did something. 

Winners Don’t Give Up.

Most of the stories circulating the internet and publications on successful people cannot be confirmed. However, a story is told of a living giant who has struggled and overcomes the challenges to emerge victorious in the end. Not gaining success alone, but inspiring others into achieving their deepest desires. John Jay is a rising star in the R&B and Pop music industry that has given back to society by providing for the young through these resources. 

Independent hits

John Jay is a man in pursuit of his music career and believed in himself, even when no one was willing to bet on him. He kept his head up and moved forward. Eventually, he found success. His motto, “winners don’t give up, but stand tall when they fall,” has kept him rolling.  John Jay, who owns Independent Hits, is an iconic musician who, through hard work, set up this outstanding record label. Over the years, this record label has provided a platform for underrated young musicians to showcase their skills. Although the music label is still in a gradual growing stage, soon it will be a force to reckon with when the young artist gains experience and grows in their music. 

The recording label owns one of the largest playlist networks with a music catalog ranging from Pop, R&B, Hip hop, Electronic house, Chill, and Lofi. Also, approximately 10 million followers on Spotify and a loyal fan base of 6 million monthly listeners. Fortunately, independent hits have worked with some of the big names in mainstream music, such as Khali, Zayn, Bazzi, and Jean Deaux.

The Rising founder of Independent Hits is also a singer and has a project of his own out. His first single, “Best Life,” which came out in late 2019, has made a statement for him to the world. During this year, he dropped four other hits, and the response on these tracks has been overwhelming. With this positive result, he has managed to increase his global fan base. 

Little Known Fact

Behind the passionate musician and entrepreneur is a dedicated person who finds inspiration from helping others. Because of the rejections and challenges faced by John Jay, he went ahead to start a record label so that other upcoming artists can have better careers than he did. Through this, he has created a world-class platform for these young artists. Most people are grateful for this opportunity.John Jay is optimistic of the future. You can connect to John Jay on Instagram.

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