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How A Change in Décor Can Yield More YouTube Subscribers

It’s not too hard to get people to view your YouTube videos, but it can be a little challenging to get them to hit the subscribe button. That’s a big commitment. People aren’t going to subscribe unless you’re offering content they want to consume on a regular basis.

Even some of the most popular channels struggle to generate high numbers of subscribers. In fact, most channels have a subscriber rate of less than 1%.

What you might not realize is that while people tend to subscribe based on value, they also judge your aesthetics. If your video backgrounds aren’t appealing, you’ll have a harder time getting people to smash that subscribe button.

This means you can increase your subscriber count simply by changing your background décor. Although, it will only help convert people who already like your videos. The best background won’t get subscribers if they don’t like your content.

What’s in the background of your videos?

Whether you film at your desk, from the living room, the garage, or even outside, people will be influenced by whatever they see in the background of your videos. For example, if you’re filming in a messy bedroom, you’ll give the impression of disorder. If you film outside in nature, your videos will convey a more relaxed, chill, natural vibe.

The right image will depend on your content, but if you can nail this one aspect, you’ll find yourself naturally getting more subscribers.

What’s visible in the background of your videos matters. Thankfully, you can intentionally craft an interesting scene for your audience. Here are some ideas:

Use a wall-mounted electric fireplace heater. If your space is already neat and clean, mounting an electric fireplace to the wall behind you will do wonders for your video’s aesthetics. These units look elegant and can help you look more professional, which can increase your believability. They don’t use real wood or produce real flames, but the LED lights glow and flicker in cool colors, like blue, red, yellow, and orange. The best part is that you can usually turn on the flames without turning on the heat.

Get a green screen. Using a green screen will allow you to have any background you wish, provided you have the software to edit your videos. Green screens are fun because you can get creative and use a different background for each video.

Just don’t overdo it with obnoxious virtual backgrounds that are distracting or irrelevant. For example, if your YouTube channel is about gardening and homesteading, you don’t want to use a city skyline for a background. You can, however, use something more neutral, like a virtual bookcase.

Make it personal. Don’t be afraid to film in your personal space. It’s probably best to tidy up a bit first, but there’s nothing wrong with filming in your bedroom or living room where your family photos are visible in the shot. In fact, research has shown that customers actually prefer more personal, revealing backgrounds.

Make it nichespecific. If you’re sharing recipes, film in your kitchen. If you’re discussing tips for woodworking, film in your shop.

Use a simple bookshelf background. Many YouTubers place a single bookshelf behind them against the wall while filming. With a bookshelf, you can place specific books on the shelves, figurines, trinkets, or other relevant items you feel will add to the scene.

Go custom. Customize your entire space with your logo, designs, and slogans. Don’t forget the matching coffee mug!

Avoid plain backdrops. Resist the urge to film in a blank room with solid-colored walls and absolutely no décor. You won’t inspire your audience and your videos might look a bit strange.

Follow YouTube tutorials

Some of the best backdrop ideas can be found on YouTube and they’re not all that expensive. This DIY background costs around $120 and is easy to remove if you want to change it up later.

Follow your competitor’s lead

If you have a competitor with a high number of subscribers, take a good look at their background. You don’t need to copy them exactly, but you can come up with a unique idea that looks similar. So, take what you see and make it your own.

People are judging your video backgrounds

What’s your plan to grow your subscriber base? Are you actively marketing your channel on other platforms, or are you just hoping you’ll show up in more recommended feeds?

No matter what you’re already doing, try giving some attention to the décor in the background of your videos. Be intentional with your aesthetics and you’ll have an easier time getting people to smash that subscribe button.

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