How Aliyah Dastour Made a Name For Herself as a Headshot Photographer

This generation’s women have been breaking barriers and norms to establish themselves in society. These resilient women have carved their own paths and refuse to give up no matter how hard things might become. They have realized the true strength of being a woman and how they can utilize their skills. Many who dare to dream are destined for success.

One of these successful and passionate women is Aliyah Dastour. She has been challenging herself and growing despite all odds. Aliyah is a professional photographer and specializes in capturing headshots. With time and all the experience she has gathered, Aliyah has mastered the art of photography.

Furthermore, her journey has been even more challenging as a dedicated mother of three. After working as a photographer for 10 years, Aliyah is now helping other photographers build six-figure businesses. Aliyah aspires to break the stereotype and help others understand that photography can help you make money if you’re willing to do the work. The struggling artist lifestyle is not something every talented photographer has to go through if they follow the right blueprint.

In the past decade, she has learned many lessons and has been through challenging days as well. When Aliyah first started her business, her income would only help their family function on a month-to-month basis, and she couldn’t afford a comfortable lifestyle. But today, she’s managed to build a business worth $500K.

Along with building her business, she is personally involved in donating to non-profits in her community. This act of kindness makes her who she is today. Despite having a busy schedule, Aliyah always makes time to help people in need. Furthermore, she has been able to donate over $100K back to the community via non-profits.

Building her own studio as a headshot photographer and opening another studio are other accomplishments Aliyah takes further pride in. Her strong networking skills and passion to create something of her own led her down this path to success. She is truly an inspiration for many young women out there.

From the experience Aliyah has gained over these years, she advises others to build a strong team and delegate tasks. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to do everything on your own, and it’s important to train others who can handle the responsibility. She aspires to grow her business further and provide mentorship to other motivated photographers.

Helping over 1,000 photographers through the system she has built is what Aliyah dreams of doing. She has gained freedom and firmly believes that anyone can make it happen if they’re confident in their own ability to succeed. Starting from scratch is never easy, but if you have a sense of direction, things begin to work in your favor.  Aliyah’s journey motivates many around her to never give up and keep fighting against all odds to fulfill their dreams.

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