How Kai Bax Turned His Entrepreneurial Journey Into A YouTube Channel

Kai Bax, a successful entrepreneur started his journey into online marketing about five years ago. However, after a few years, Kai Bax realized that he could share his marketing knowledge with others on YouTube, so he uploaded his first YouTube video.

He quickly noticed some impressive channels with loads of subscribers which made him realize it’s not going to be easy. During the past two years, Kai uploaded a whopping 325 videos which resulted in nearly ten thousand subscribers and 700 thousand views!

Is your YouTube journey going as expected?

No, it’s going a lot better than I could ever dream of. I honestly thought I would have quit after a month, but, knowing that I grew my subscriber base by a factor of two this year really keeps me going. Uploading a new video never stops being exciting.

What do you enjoy the most about being a YouTuber?

I love how my channel created a community that keeps coming back to my videos. I connect with my community daily in the comment section, but also on Facebook and Discord where I give extra tips and answer questions. On top of that, my subscribers find me on other platforms such as Instagram which has led to over twenty-thousand Instagram followers.

What is your plan for the coming years?

Well, first, I’ll keep uploading YouTube videos and keep growing my channel. Next to YouTube, I want to start focusing on short format videos such as Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. I believe there is demand for short-format videos giving quick tips and tricks to people interested or active in the marketing industry. I hope this strategy can take my content-creating journey to the next level.

Where can people find you?

I mainly post on YouTube (

You can also find me on Instagram (

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