How Matheus Oliveira Is Inspiring Others

Living with one foot in the fitness industry and one foot in the digital marketing space, Matheus Oliveira is on a mission to impact people, and help others reach their goals. As a fitness trainer, he’s helped over 100 different people meet their fitness goals, and as a digital marketing guru with Everyday Success Team, he’s helped hundreds of people build a platform.

With a passion to inspire others, Matheus Oliveira wants his audience to know that what he’s done can be done by anyone willing to put their mind to working hard. “I just worked my ass off and used failure as a learning opportunity to be in the position that I am today,” said Oliveira. “Majority of my audience is in the prime of their lives (16-25 years old), and it’s in these years that the world is truly in your hands! You can do whatever you want in this life. Just because my passion is fitness, my content can still correlate to the nursing student who’s studying hours on end in the library trying to get accepted into his or her dream school or the recently graduated business student struggling to try and find his or her first job, or the artist who’s working overnight in the studio to turn his or her dream into reality.”

As a fitness coach, Oliveira helps his trainees create effective training and nutrition programs that align with their desired results. “I also go above and beyond with my clients in terms of check-ins and accountability to make sure we are consistently seeing results week by week,” said Oliveira. From a digital marketing perspective, Oliveira has helped hundreds of people through Everyday Success Team. The full-service branding agency offers its clients a broad range of tools to help grow their audience and presence in the space they are in.

Matheus Oliveira says he has a goal of helping over 1,000 people as soon as he can. And while his path hasn’t always been easy, the fitness coach and digital marketing guru has a lot to look forward to.

For more info on Matheus Oliveira check out his Instagram below: @mattyofit

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