Living In The Music With Officially GP

Authenticity is rare but powerful when effectively implemented. Dawud Sami, whose stage name is Officially GP or “Get Paper,” is an artist who has been steadfast in all his endeavors coming out stronger each passing day. The owner of the infamous Red Karpet, a clothing store that leaves everyone walking with a high stature feel when they set foot in a star-studded event. Red Karpet is known for its specialized leggings, hoodies, T-shirts, and shoes. And the best part about the firm is its 100-thousand-dollar state-of-the-art industry-style studio built and ran by his most productive producer, 4matik Hitmaker. 

Officially GP’s Background

Officially GP grew up in the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, a place that stimulates hard work and persistence. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, GP landed in prison for seven years. In isolation, he became creative more than ever and would spend his ample time writing lyrics that he stacked by when he got out. The hip-hop star made waves in the industry in 2017 with his hit releases, and he is now a star looked up to by many. 

His Music

With his thought-provoking and intelligent lyrics, unafraid of speaking out his thoughts and truth, he influences authenticity in the music scenes. He says that together with the artists in his studio, they are living in their music. They breathe and live music, and in which they find fulfillment. GP compiles exceptional qualities from the several artists he looks up to, including Jay Z, Master P, and Pimp C, to his talents, making him a nutshell. He has had hit singles, and together with his producer, they create magic in his songs. GP continues to aim at speaking his truth with his music and keeping it real in all his undertakings.

Influencing Authenticity

His talent is at the heart of his message. People have gotten to trust in his works for soiling genuineness, which strengthens his brand. He aims to be in a position where he could speak, and millions listen. A place where he could leave a piece behind, for if something was to happen to him, and all that is left is his music, people could still listen and relate. His motivation is more extensive than himself; it is instead the people he is addressing.


Officially GP is a man who has beaten all odds to come out at the top influencing music in his style. He is not only an artist but also an actor, model, and entrepreneur. Passion for music is his most significant force behind his success. 

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