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How Menoh Beats is Guiding Both Recording Artists and Other Producers

Widely known for his musical brand Menohbeats, Menoh is a talented and skilled producer making his mark in the industry. He has produced numerous hits, including “We Love You Tecca”, a single that was a Billboard Top R&B and hip-hop album and the number one top Rap album. Since making his entry into the music scene, the sensational producer has accumulated nearly two billion streams for the songs he has produced. He has also worked with a number of top chart artists producing hits that have dominated the airwaves. 

The six-times platinum music producer is rated to be more than just a mere producer as he also shares a profound passion for helping develop artists and guide them in building their careers. Incredibly, Menoh also dedicates his time and resources to helping smaller producers build their name and brand and guiding them by leveraging his expertise in the field. He believes in nurturing the next generation of musical talents.

Though he is passionate about his career, Menoh Beats says he almost gave up on his dream, especially in the early days. His major challenge was that he wasn’t making any progress despite his efforts. Also, it was becoming a major concern for him that his grades were dropping because he was increasingly becoming disinterested in school.

Despite the storms, Menoh has remained calm and got everything under control. He believed in himself and what he wanted to do. Menoh also had to work hard and avoid the sideshows, focusing on the bigger goal. Getting comfortable with himself and his talent was also a challenge he had to overcome. He credits his close friends and peers constantly reminding him to pick up the pace and set new goals. Menoh Beats says setting new short-term and long-term goals and achieving them was significant in his growth as it gave him the extra urge to keep working on honing his skills. Menoh advises others not to give up on their dream but instead put in the hard work and focus on your goals – nothing worthwhile comes easy.

With dreams to continue to scale in the music scene, Menoh sees himself dominating the game and changing how producers are categorized. He wants to be known not only for the music he produces but for being a pioneer, bringing opportunities and opening doors for other producers. Menoh’s goal is to inspire people to work hard and to be their best. His long-term dream is to run a successful management company for producers and artists in the music business.

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