How Noe Lo Beat Overthinking and Doubt to Build Lorens Digital Media

Many times, it is self that holds one back from chasing dreams. Self-placed limitations are the enemy of entrepreneurship. California’s Noe Lo knows this firsthand. She is one of the founders of Lorens Digital Media, an agency helping influencers, businesses, fitness coaches, models, and artists grow their brands.

During an interview with the 19-year-old entrepreneur, Noe Lo spoke about how she found her path. Noe reveals, “The process for me to find what I really wanted to do with my life took longer than it should have because I used to spend most of my time doubting myself and overthinking. I invested in mentors and books about e-commerce and finally decided to take action after overthinking it for so long.” This realization is what inspires the advice Noe gives to other young entrepreneurs. An understanding and unrelenting belief in yourself is key. She states, “To really [be successful], follow your instincts and do not let anyone that works a normal job tell you your idea is dumb or not valuable. If it makes sense in your head, take action. Just start selling something, and you will figure out everything as you go. Don’t overthink, take action!”

It is no surprise that individuals like Elon Musk inspire Noe Lo. Noe finds motivation in the fact he took Space X, a company with a 10% chance of survival, “and he still believed in himself, invested his money into it, and now it is incredibly successful.” Finally, looking at her own achievements, Noe Lo says, “It takes passion in your craft, persistence, patience, and confidence to be successful. I really love what I do, and I think that is a really big part of why I am successful.”

Noe helped over 1,700 clients build online stores and make income from home during 2020 and the recent pandemic. Now, with the formation of Lorens Digital Media, she is set up to help hundreds of thousands build their brands and make large profits in the coming years.

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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner
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