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Yung Rlo: From Viral YouTube Success To The Music Industry

Born Errion Cevon Harley, Yung Rlo has been making his way up the ladder in the entertainment space. Rlo started gaining traction in 2018 for his prank and skit videos on his YouTube channel. In 2019, the artist decided to transition away from making YouTube videos and decided to career a path in music. He released his debut single “So Sick” later that same year. 

Yung Rlo started creating music after his junior of high school. After he made his debut with “So Sick”, the artist has been actively pursuing a career in music. His passion led him to enroll in a Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California where he studied audio engineering, production, and the music business

As an independent artist, Yung Rlo has done well for himself. The artist has been listened to thousands of time across all platforms, consistently putting out new music. Rlo has released 5 singles thus far in 2021, showing his listeners that he’s on a different grind this year. 

Rlo’s last single “Blessed” released late last month and is now streaming on all platforms. 

You can listen to “Blessed” here:

You can follow Yung Rlo here:

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