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How Sentury Is Spreading Love Through R&B

R&B traces its origins to traditional jazz, soul, and gospel. Needless to say, this genre has created some mesmerizing harmonies that have immortalized artists. With the wave of modernization, R&B has also evolved in bassline and tone, but the genre’s essence remains the same. Sentury is one such R&B group that is doing justice to the essence of this genre while also striking a chord with contemporary music. 

Sentury is a group of 4 R&B enthusiasts, Leo, AJ, Rico, and CJ, who honed their skills at church. Their relentless passion for music connected them, and that’s how Sentury was formed. The group has dropped Billboard chart-topping hits and even ignited the live music scene across the country. Sentury has fired up the stage at popular music shows and events. The group has shared the stage with artists like Usher, Blackstreet, Anthony Hamilton, Chris Brown, Tank, and Charlie Wilson. 

The song “Love Of My Life” by Sentury was listed at number 25 on the adult R&B Billboard charts. It maintained the position for 11 weeks, bringing huge recognition to the group members. “Love Of My Life” was the group’s prequel to their recent release “Be Over.” The song has recreated the magic of the previous track and is hoping to climb the Billboard charts to the top 10. 

Sentury has been a sought-after name for live shows for quite a few years now. The group also has a staggering fan following on social media and digital streaming platforms. The group of 4 is enjoying their journey of spreading love through music. Sentury is looking forward to collaborating with artists and music labels to take their message of love and compassion to the world.

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