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How Shalom 45 Is Invoking Emotions Through His Music

Auckland is a place where live music can be heard all year round.

All forms of music, such as rock, pop, R&B, and country music, have been produced with equal love and enthusiasm in this city’s unique music culture. Auckland has gradually evolved into a hotbed of current musicians that aren’t afraid to try new things in order to get their message over to their listeners. Shalom 45, a musician, singer, and composer, is one such example.

Shalom 45 released an EP in 2018  titled Ayúdame”, which comprises 11 engrossing tracks: Aydame, El Abrazo, Te Pude Encontrar are major hits with thousands of streams around the world. The EP was well-received and earned him a loyal fan following on social media as well.

Shalom 45 has managed to build a position for himself in an industry flooded with new talent by becoming a musician with a purpose. Because his songs are a reflection of his real-life experiences, they usually create strong emotions in listeners.

“I really want people to feel the emotions that I try to put in each and every song.” Says Shalom 45

Shalom 45 attributes his success to his natural talent and unwavering work ethic, and he aspires to achieve even more. His ambition is to develop and expand his music internationally, with a worldwide fan base as a result. His desire has always been to see himself develop into a global superstar, and he feels it’s just a matter of time until he achieves that goal.

Everyone should have the experience of falling to music at least once in their life. What better way to achieve that than by listening to Shalom 45’s music.

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