The SimpkinsTwins Share Their Musical Journey

Regardless of what endeavor you choose to pursue in life, you will often find yourself face-to-face with numerous challenges during your journey. That’s also the case for the rap duo the SimpkinsTwins. Rather than letting obstacles stop them from reaching their goals, they used them to their advantage. They decided to learn from their experiences and get the motivation they needed to boost their careers.

The 20-year-old twin brothers Addison and Blake Simpkins introduced SimpkinsTwins under the record label Berkley Monroe Entertainment, LLC in December 2018 with their first EP, “Outta Space”. There was a three-year lull before the rap duo became active again with their latest single, “Never Stop”.

The SimpkinsTwins currently have thousands of followers on one of the biggest audio streaming platforms globally, Spotify. The seven tracks included in “Outta Space” have now accumulated over half a million plays, and “Never Stop” reached more than 76,000 streams in only less than a month. They are also starting to gain more and more attention on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

Before the twins got to that point in their journey, they first had to overcome many challenges. The first dilemma that they found themselves facing was their location. They grew up in a small town in central New Jersey where the hip-hop genre isn’t very relevant. This means there aren’t many opportunities for them to go after their dream of becoming rap artists there, so they decided to move.

When the twins started living with their mother in Montclair, New Jersey, they could finally focus on their dream. They were able to sign under their current record label and release their first EP. Through this experience, they realized that if you want to change something in your life, make a move. After all, the world will not accommodate your needs, so you must forge your path yourself.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in significant changes in their career as well. They couldn’t work on a new album, and they gradually started to lose hope that life would get back to normal. However, once again, they didn’t let their circumstances hinder going after their dreams.

They made a promise that not only with this pandemic but with all the obstacles that they would have to face later, they will never give up. They were able fulfil their promise by releasing “Never Stop”, despite all the challenges. This led to their realization that nothing would stop them if they persist and continue to work hard.

The SimpkinsTwins’ musical journey tells a story of how dedication can bring you success. If the twins weren’t dedicated to their passion for music, they wouldn’t have insisted on moving to Montclair, where more opportunities awaited them. They also wouldn’t have gone through the struggle of releasing a new single during a pandemic. It’s thanks to their dedication that they are now making their way to becoming top artists.

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