How The Daily Traders Focus on Client Success Is Pushing Them Forward

The Daily Traders +was created with the hopes of educating and inspiring others on the world of stocks and cryptocurrency. The owner is a 19-year-old stock market millionaire who prefers to keep his identity private. In an interview, he spoke about the setup of his company, saying, “through a series of video lectures and a Discord server in which I break down my entire trading system, I teach my students what it takes to become a million-dollar trader. At the same time, I give members the ability the make money alongside myself. I share my personal trades, including entries and exits in real-time throughout the day.” This all serves to prove to clients that their mentor is truly successful in the field too.

The company has seen its fair share of success as well. The owner and one of his first students have both made over seven figures, and dozens of other students have made over six figures in net gains. Talking about his ultimate hope, he says, “My goal is to help traders learn the actual skill of trading so they can go out and be successful on their own.” This commitment to clients sets The Daily Traders apart from much of the stock market mentor industry, which often loses sight of setting up students to succeed beyond the initial education.

The Daily Traders founder also gave some encouragement to his audience about achieving ambitions. He relates, “Anything you set out to do is possible. Although, in order for this to be true, it might mean sacrificing social life, video games, or other forms of entertainment and lifestyle. If you really want to achieve your goals bad enough, these sacrifices will be well worth it in the future when you’re living the life of your dreams.”

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Jared Hagen
Jared Hagen
Jared Hagen is a journalist and an active college student in Madison, Wisconsin. When he is not working as a Journalist or AV Technician, Hagen runs a music production company with his brother, Kaleb Hagen, titled Hagen Brothers. Hagen's focuses heavily involve music production and journalism.

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