Howell Records Founder Dante Tweaks Opens up on His Challenges to Success

Dante Tweaks is a Bronx-born Trapstar, sound engineer, and visionary revolutionizing the music industry. Dante owns Howell Records, an independent record label, and also owns Connecticut’s best recording studio. It’s a one-of-a-kind recording outfit that has been endorsed by Hot 93.7, CT’s best and top hip-hop radio station. 

Dante grew up in the Bronx but later moved to CT to pursue greener pastures in his music career. He saw an opportunity in the industry in CT and moved in to capitalize on it. Since then, Dante has been managing himself and his studio. He has also gathered a passionate team to start a powerhouse label that is now running the show in the industry. Dante has done numerous features with some legendary rappers in the game, showing his versatility as a producer and artist. He recently shocked the industry with a crossover record with a dancehall artist, which was entirely out of his comfort zone. 

Dante has done feature songs with notable artists such as Grafh, Young Dirty Bastard, and Street Gena. Grafh is an NYC rap legend, Young Dirty Bastard is the son of Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan, and Street Gena is part of the hottest Jamaican group right now: E-SYDE or EAST SYDE.

As a Trapstar, Dante has already achieved notable success, including having his debut single, Off the Bat, featured on the radio station Hot 93.7 at 19. His other single, “Plug Ran Dry,” also performed well, going up to #69 on the UK iTunes charts. Dante has since acquired a plague to celebrate the achievement. He also manages to gain over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

However, having to sponsor himself as an independent artist was a challenging journey for Dante. He had to ensure he hustled and had the right investment options right from the start. In general, Dante terms his journey and life to be like a chess game where all you have to do is try and play it well. 

Establishing a team that enables him to create a music powerhouse was also another major challenge for Dante. He says that many untrustworthy people in the industry can easily subvert your agenda. He had to be extra careful with the people he shared his vision with, but at the same time, it was challenging to recruit people.  

“Trying to build my team was hard with so many untrustworthy people. But the people that want to be around are going to stay around. Let those who don’t go. I had to dedicate different people on my team to do different things. Everyone has a responsibility and a purpose,” says Dante.

Coming up with a unique TrapRock sound was also another hurdle on Dante’s path. It wasn’t until he got face to face with a producer that he understood his sound. Getting the producer on board was a significant boost to his music career. 

Dante advises others to focus and live their dream. He also urges everyone to continue putting in the hard work, as nothing comes for free. He believes in showing respect and grit in making you the big dawg in whatever industry.

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