Jason Ng at Daylight Realty is Helping Happy Clients

Daylight Realty is a company owned and operated by Jason Ng’s family, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Jason Ng is also the owner of another real estate brokerage called Times Realty, and his story is one of both struggle and success. 

The Ng family left their homes in Hong Kong in 1988 under difficult circumstances and aspired for a better future in Canada. Thankfully, they were able to achieve that through hard work and perseverance. Through that work, they built a growing real estate enterprise that still exists today.

“It was 1988 when my family immigrated from Hong Kong to Canada, and I still remember it to this day,” says Jason Ng, who helped his parents build their business since he was young.

Jason Ng’s grandparents were from China and they had previously left Hong Kong because of political unrest and conflict.

He says it was the fear of an uncertain future coupled with worry about the communist regime that convinced the Ng family to leave Hong Kong in search of a better life in Canada.

“My parents wanted the best for us,” says Jason Ng.

A lot of residents from Hong Kong during that period of time decided to move to Canada, and this gave the Ng family a healthy influx of business through clients who were looking to settle on Canada’s West Coast.

Having watched the real estate sector grow, change and develop in Vancouver since he was a child, Ng has his pulse on real estate in the city.

In a recent article on AB Newswire, Jason Ng of Daylight Realty shared the keys to success in real estate that he discovered throughout his career.

Among the most notable principles, Ng says are important to have, sincerity, honesty and commitment are the most important.

Becoming a successful realtor, however, is about much more than that. The Daylight Realty owner says it’s also about having a fundamental working knowledge of how the system works and about the market. More than ever, it’s also about knowing your client and their life goals.

Ng says he treats buying or selling homes for customers as if he was making the transaction himself. He knows that buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions that a person can make. For that reason, Ng ensures that he fully understands his clients before making a transaction.

Aside from understanding the market and his clients, Ng says he does his best to keep learning and developing himself. This allows him to keep a competitive edge in the market, always giving his clients the most timely advice about purchasing and selling homes.

Ng has also taken to digital platforms, sharing tips and tricks about real estate in Canada. Aside from AB Newswire, Ng has also been interviewed by Net News Ledger and Digital Journal

In Digital Journal, Jason Ng talked about his family history in real estate, and he says he is proud to continue the legacy of his parents by helping people find their dream homes.

Jason Ng says helping his clients brings him immense joy.

For more information, you can visit the Times Realty official website.

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