Jeff Stein’s “Forever” stretches special moments to eternity

Jeff Stein recently dropped his newest single “Forever”. Since its release the song has generated quite a following on the Internet. It went viral within a few days of its release. The catchy nature of the song coupled with beautiful music composition for Jeff truly has given birth to a masterpiece.

Jeff maybe new to the music scene, but his talent is not that of an amateur. Jeff has released three songs this year. Listening to them you can feel the depth of emotion that Jeff has tried to imbue them with. “Forever” is no exception to that. It truly is a marvelous song that is enjoyable to everybody.

“Forever” makes the listener feel like they could listen to the song forever without every getting bored. No matter how many times it is played, there’s just something about the song that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. That speaks volumes of the talent of Jeff Stein.

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