Joilson Melo breathes fresh air into electronic music fans with the album Genesis Mystery

Music is something that a majority of humans all over the world enjoy. So far is the hold of music that even animals seem to love it. Over the years music has taken several shapes and forms and has seen tremendous growth and inclusivity. As a result, it is no shock that there are several genres of music. In particular, hip hop and rock have been some of the oldest forms in present-day trending music.

This is where artist Joilson Melo comes in. The Brazilian released the album Genesis Mystery this January 2022 and has set his own mark in the world of Rock and hip hop mixed with his own style as an Indie artist. The album consists of 13 tracks namely Mystery Pop Adventure Sentimental, Genesis Traps, Mysteries for Traps, Traps for infinity, Genesis Aggressiveness, Start of Dance Party, Mysteries War Game, Mysteries Hard Tech, Mysteries Cinematographic, Mystery Power and Drive Rock, Mystery Summer, Mystery Inspiring Story Rock, and Mystery Grinder. Electro-acoustic music, the kind that Joilson Melo dabbles in is the pride and daily routine for several Brazilians and with this album, he wanted to create an upbeat tone that would make them feel calm and invigorated ready to take on a new day’s hurdles. This is an especially great motive given the current circumstances brought on by the pandemic, he promises that his listeners will be able to find relaxation in his music.

An artist’s life is far from easy and those in the music industry often struggle with maintaining composure throughout the ages both in their professional and personal lives. Many even experience burnout at an early stage and go for long hiatuses which takes them out of the public eye something quite detrimental to those who wish to remain relevant. This is why it is much more important to take it slow and stick it out in the long run. Joilson Melo has expired for exactly this and always maintains a proper work-life balance so that neither of the two aspects is left out.

However, it is easy to declare that Joilson Melo has certainly done well on his ambitions and giving justice to the beauty that Genesis Mystery is. If you want to take a closer look at his songs make sure to listen to them, they are available on all popular digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube Music and Deezer.

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