Josh Chesler Is Killing It In The Custom Sneaker Game

The creation of custom sneakers has been around for a while now, but never to the degree, it is today. Everywhere you look, you can likely find someone with a pair of custom sneakers, which is highly correlated with the increased demand in sneaker culture. With unique colorways coming out for every popular street-culture-based shoe, it should come as no surprise that sneaker-heads alike are looking for new ways to separate themselves from the packs and stand out with their custom kicks.

Josh Chesler saw this shift coming and capitalized on his opportunity to make a business out of it. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Josh Chesler is a custom sneaker maker and owner of Chesler Customs. Not knowing how much time and effort it would take to run a successful custom sneaker company, Chesler has spent endless hours in the lab perfecting his craft. He has a flourishing business and had opportunities to create custom kicks for celebrities such as Bronny James, Zion Williamson, JoJo Siwa, and many others.

It takes a lot to run a successful business, as Josh Chesler has found out, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. He loves that he has the ability to freely create and work with some of the biggest names in the game, as well as everyday customers, and provide them with one-of-a-kind custom sneakers they will love and enjoy. He hopes to continue to inspire others through his journey and provide value that is unmatched in the industry today. There is no doubt that Chesler Customs is a clear leader in the custom shoe game, and it will be exciting to watch the company grow from this point on. Be sure to check out Chesler Customs and keep your eye peeled next time you see a pair of customs as they could’ve come from the man Josh Chesler himself.

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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner is a journalist and public relations specialist.

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