Why Adir potentially could be the next big rapper out of LA

LA is known for producing some of the best rappers in the game. With a market that large, a lot of talent often gets lost in the mix. But with musicality that’s so LA, and a delivery that gives you that raw New York feel, Adir definitely stands out from the crowd as having potential to blow.

Adir is an artist straight from New York who recently relocated to LA in order to pursue music. So far he’s been moving his sound around the West Coast with hits like 11:11 and Trendsetta. What separates him is his infectious flow that’s catchy and hard to replicate. 

Adir can only obtain this kind of diversity because of his time that he spent moving all over the country. Beyond what Adir’s achieved with his producer and friend Shorbeats, Adir explains that he wouldn’t be where he is if not for his beliefs. Adir makes sure to stay humble, remembering to pray every day, and is planning to stay on this path until he becomes a household name – which may not take long. 

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