Josh Gallo Was Made for The Spotlight

Josh Gallo is an inspiring young creator that was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut. This small town helped shape who he is, and he wanted to have something there to remind him of where he came from. This inspired him to open his photography studio here and create content from his own backyard. Josh Gallo started out working as a small concert photographer and has since worked his way up to large artists, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Josh Gallo has a full plate balancing his own personal brand growth, working with the collective FourShadow, and running his photography studio. While working with FourShadow he can help other artists, brands, entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses build their online connections, brand, and credibility. His partners at FourShadow help inspire him to create more content and be confident in himself. This confidence has not always been part of him, especially when he first started. He struggled with imposter syndrome when he started to notice himself in the same circles as bigger artists and influencers. Over time, he was able to push past this feeling and give himself the same respect he gives those around him. He learned that he was where he was for a reason, and he deserved every minute of it. Josh Gallo has had countless successes including having his work published in Rolling Stone and Forbes. He urges other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, open their own businesses, and never be afraid of failure. Hard work will always pay off and everything happens for a reason, so never give up on yourself.

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