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Juan Arango: The American Dream

Juan Arango is a Colombian entrepreneur who has always had a passion for helping others. He and his family moved to the United States when Juan was 6 and spent most of his upbringing in Connecticut and New York. In his youth, Juan knew one thing for certain, that he wanted to serve people on a massive scale. 

While Juan was in college at the University of Coastal Carolina, he discovered the world of online business. Right then and there he knew intuitively that this discovery was going to alter the direction of his life. He would go on to teach himself how to make money online through e-commerce, stocks, website designing, crypto, and buying and selling sneakers. Juan worked on his craft and developed his skills throughout college and when he graduated, he shortly left his job in the financial industry to pursue his new business Sense Esthetics Medical Spa in Port Chester, NY. Juan and his business partner focus on making all their customers feel more beautiful when they walk out than when they walked in.

In addition to his thriving beauty business, Juan is also one of the top managers at Everyday Success Team. At EDST Juan focuses on helping artists, brands, and entrepreneurs with innovative services such as social media growth, press/article features, algorithmic Spotify streams, radio spins, and so much more. If you need help building your online brand, then Juan is the guy you want to see.

The quality that separates Juan from the rest of the pack is his desire to truly help people. He understands that his services aren’t for everyone and if it’s not he will tell you so. He focuses on being exclusive with who he works with because he wants to make sure he can truly serve you and fill your needs. He enjoys working with other risk-takers and those that have the self-belief in themselves to invest in their future.

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